Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik’s husband on Aly Goni’s behaviour — My relatives who are in the police are asking me If I want to take action against him

Bigg Boss 14’s wildcard contestants Aly Goni and Kavita Kaushik’s fights have been the talk of the town. Recently, their arguments crossed limits. Aly Goni got violent and was breaking things inside the house. Kavita Kaushik’s husband, Ronnit Biswas spoke about Aly Goni’s behaviour in an interview with ETimes. He slammed Aly Goni for his violent behaviour and said that Kavita has not signed the show for all this. He said, “I was very hurt and I cried also because this is not what we had signed up for. Physical violence was never a thing which we had signed up for whether it happened directly or indirectly it doesn’t matter. If someone has got hurt or I have hurt someone I would go and apologise to that person and I would forget my anger at that moment. I felt really bad and pathetic because a man is doing this, I am a man myself and I can’t put it in words. This was something which we had not signed up for. I expected a better action or punishment from Bigg Boss. I had seen the promo first, day before yesterday and I was very disturbed. But once I saw the way Kavita was putting up to it and how she was behaving I felt extremely proud of her.”

“My sadness disappeared and I got happy thinking that no matter how much you try to target this girl, she will not bow down to anyone. She will come out shining and strong. At the end of the task Bigg Boss did something amazing and out of the box where Aly Goni’s shoes were taken and when Jasmin was given a choice to save her friends shoes and show her bond, she put everything on Aly. I mean I was laughing that she put everything on him that he likes to see her with makeup and all dressed up. Her real character as a person showed, “he added. He also said in a country where we worship Goddess, Aly has been getting violent on her. He shared, “All I want to say is that the dialogue which Kavita said on the show to Aly Goni, we have seen it in so many films. Stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar and other so many actors have said this line in their films ‘Main Tera Baap hoon’. We also use it so many times in our lives and it was not a derogatory term at all. He has also said this to her thrice after that. So, I think the topic should have ended then and there itself. But I understand most of the housemates know that Kavita is quite strong and if they fight with her or corner her, they will get some footage. It is very sad that in a country where we keep talking about women are equal to men, we worship Goddess, we celebrate women and talk about women empowerment, there is a man who is threatening a woman on national television that he will make her life a living hell or won’t let her sleep (main iska jeena haram kar doonga, main sune nahi doonga). All this doesn’t make any sense. Also the punishment given to him, I don’t know what everyone else thinks but I feel that’s not enough. I agree he hit the trash can but one of the major rules of the Bigg Boss house is you cannot damage Bigg Boss’ house property. If he hit the trash can and Kavita got hurt because of it, then I think a strict action was needed. Obviously, we know that he can’t hit her directly so he will remove his frustration like this.”

“If he didn’t want to hurt anyone there was another trash bin lying behind he could have kicked it but he hit the one close to Kavita, this goes on to show his intention. We all saw how aggressive he was getting, if a man is so aggressive with a woman then we can understand that there is certainly something wrong with his mind. Because of people like him, other men who are good towards women also get bashed. That is also not fair on the other men who are fair towards the female gender, who take care of their women, who respect them, he added. He also said that his relatives who were in the police force also asked him whether he wants to lodge a complaint against Aly Goni. He said, “I give you that much benefit of doubt also that you got hurt with something then please talk and finish it off. Why do you have to show your physical strength? You can cross your limit during a fight. You can’t threaten people on national television or abuse them. I have been getting a lot of calls from our well-wishers and relatives who are into the Police force, Government officials and they are asking me If I want to take action against Aly Goni or register a complaint. Although, I have told them that it is not needed, but I was expecting from the channel and the production house a stricter punishment. One week’s nomination doesn’t make any sense.”

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