Bigg Boss 14: Kamya Panjabi slams Abhinav Shukla after Rubina Dilaik-Kavita Kaushik’s fight; says, ‘Sab tamasha dekh rahe the’

Last night, there was a nasty fight between Rubina Dilaik and Kavita Kaushik on Bigg Boss 14. It all started after Bigg Boss 14 showed a clipping to the housemates of what they are doing inside the house. It seems the proceedings were so dull that even live feed was stopped for a while. When they saw the content, they blamed each other. Kavita Kaushik called Rubina Dilaik ‘thandi aurat’. This left her fuming. Later, the fight escalated and she told Rubina Dilaik if she knew her husband’s truth. This came after the ‘friends with benefits’ comment that came few days back. Rubina Dilaik flew into a rage and said some rather derogatory stuff.

Caught in the crossfire between two of her close friends, Kamya Panjabi is having a tough time on Twitter. She took to social media to pinpoint why Abhinav Shukla kept quiet all through. Fans noted that he did not interfere even a bit in what happened between the two ladies. Kavita Kaushik eventually left the house.

Kamya Panjabi is a vocal critic of the game. She also religiously watches all the episodes. This time, she has two friends inside. It seems Abhinav Shukla and Kavita Kaushik are good friends outside. We have to see how equations stay after this season winds up!

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