Bigg Boss 14: Kamya Panjabi, Priya Malik call the new contestants boring after yesterday’s fight over 7 items from the BB Mall

Bigg Boss 14 began on October 3 and now, one week has passed. Just like every year, this year too fights begin from the first day itself. In a week, we saw so many fights and the main topic for the fights this year has been those seven items the housemates need to take from BB Mall. Senior Hina Khan rules the BB Mall and she had decided to give only 7 personal items of the contestants from the BB Mall. She also had asked the housemates to decide amongst themselves which 7 items they should take from mall. This was a good strategy by Hina Khan and this made the housemates fight for their own personal things. However, now, this has been a regular fight. The contestants keep fighting over these 7 items every day and later they end up agreeing to the majority. This has become like a rule in the house that the housemates fight in the beginning and end up agreeing to things. This has made the show boring. Former contestants Kamya Panjabi and Priya Malik have slammed the new contestants and call this season boring.

Kamya Panjabi took to Twitter and wrote, “Mujhe yeh saare ke saare bahot boring lagte hai………… @ColorsTV pls kuch karo yeh roz roz ek hi baat ko lekar drama aur entertainment kuch nahi Face with rolling eyes #7items Face vomiting #BigBoss14” Bigg Boss 9 contestant Priya Malik has reacted to the tweet and wrote, “I agree. Nobody is “really” standing out. It can’t be just a Nikki Tamboli show!” Check out the tweet here:

Well, it seems the contestants need to up their game and make this season a hit just like the previous season was.

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