Bigg Boss 14: ‘Jasmin Bhasin is the main reason why I have agreed to take up the show, I want her to win,’ says Aly Goni

Bigg Boss 14 makers recently gave a solid twist in the show by bringing in Jasmin Bhasin’s best friend Aly Goni in the show. While we are expecting some kind of entertainment and drama in the house, the Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actor said that he has agreed to do this show because of Jasmin and wants her to lift the winner’s trophy. He also said that the housemates will get same kind of treatment from him if they try to poke him in the house.

Talking to BT, the handsome hunk of small screen said, “My target will be the person who pokes me unnecessarily. Having said that, my priority is to calm Jasmin and make her feel at peace. I won’t interfere in her game, but if someone does something hurtful, they will get the same treatment from me.” He also went on to say that everyone is playing ugly game in the house, as he asserted, “I feel everyone is playing ugly. Some contestants have reduced friendship to a joke. Dosti is a big word, which they don’t realise. Some called Nishant Singh Malkani their friend, but in the end, back-stabbed him.” He praised Shardul Pandit and said, “Besides Jasmin, I feel Shardul Pandit can turn out to be a good player. Pavitra Punia is also nice. I find her better than the rest. Rubina Dilaik is also strong and stands by what she says. Others… I cannot understand.”

Speaking about Jasmin, he said, “Jasmin is very strong and even though I am going inside as a contestant, I want her to win the show. Both of us will give our best during the tasks. I want to win, too, but I am my second priority. I want Jasmin to win. If during the finale, she is standing next to me, I would want her hand to be raised and announced as winner.” He added, “The Jasmin I know in real life is what the audience is seeing on the show. This is exactly how she is in the real world, too.”

Revealing Jasmin was the main behind participating in the show, Aly asserted, “She is the main reason why I have agreed to take up the show. I wanted to do this show and thought why not do it when my best friend is already there.” He added, “She is strong on her own and doesn’t need any support. She performed stunts that I aborted on ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’. She is not a quitter. Even if I play my individual game, the very fact that I am present, will help. We can advise and give suggestions to each other without any hesitation or awkwardness if we feel that either of us is going wrong.”

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