Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin becomes the new captain of the house beating Pavitra Punia

Bigg Boss 14 is one slow season. Anyways, the highlight is that Aly Goni has entered the house as a contestant. He was introduced as a support for Jasmin Bhasin. It looks like the entry of her BFF has perked up Jasmin’s mood. The Dil Se Dil Tak actress has become the new captain of the house. She beat Pavitra Punia and Abhinav Shukla for it. The trio had kind of made a pact that one of them would be a captain. Rubina Dilaik and Rahul Vaidya did the sanchalan of the task. The captaincy task was based on a solar system. They had to carry planets allotted on their name and revolve on a circular disc. Pavitra Punia and Jasmin Bhasin were left at the end.

It seems Rubina Dilaik is upset that Abhinav Shukla could not become the captain of the house. She tells him not to trust Jasmin Bhasin so implicitly. Nikki Tamboli who felt she was unfairly eliminated from the race tried to disturb Abhinav Shukla in the task. She is upset with the captaincy of Eijaz Khan as is Jaan Kumar Sanu and Pavitra Punia. Yesterday, Pavitra blasted Eijaz Khan for being a back-stabber.

Jasmin Bhasin is also safe from the nominations. Eijaz Khan said he saved her from the nominations as she made a sweet dish for the house. It seems Jasmin made ghee from the malai of the milk. He was very happy on eating that dish and decided to reward Jasmin. This did not go down well with Pavitra Punia who entered into a fight with him. Pavitra Punia even elbowed him inside the house. We have to see how Jasmin’s game changes with the entry of Aly Goni.

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