Bigg Boss 14: Do you think Nikki Tamboli’s decision to make Team B winner was right? – vote now

Last night’s episode of Bigg Boss 14 was thoroughly entertaining. We saw contestants dishing out dialogues upon dialogues, abusing one another, getting into a physical altercation, taking a stand, crying their heart out and whatnot. It was wholesome Bigg Boss style entertainment for the first time in this season. Here’s a little back story in case you are new here or the headline grabbed made you curious, we saw contestants participating in the Mere Angne Mein Tumhara Kya Kaam Hai task to earn immunity from the upcoming eliminations. In the task, the contestants were divided into two teams. Team A consisted of Rubina, Abhinav, Jasmin, Jaan, Shehzad whereas Team B included Eijaz, Rahul, Pavitra and Nishant. Since Nikki Tamboli was the first confirmed contestant of Bigg Boss 14, she was made a sanchalak of the task. In the task, the contestants were asked to build a flowerbed. They were supposed to impress the three seniors and earn soil mats from Gauahar, grass mat and sponge from Sidharth and flowers from Hina’s shop.

Both teams had their strategies in place. Nikki Tamboli advised both teams to decorate their gardens really well and they should have a huge garden. Those who had the biggest and beautiful garden will be a winner. However, she also stated that she’ll take a call if she thought people were not playing well. Team A throughout the task called out Nikki for her unfair behaviour. They also called her partial. On the other hand, Team B tried to win her heart by not arguing with her much.

Nikki got into an altercation with Team A’s members. She even verbally abused Shehzad Deol and Jasmin Bhasin. When Team A put their strategy in place by disrupting Team B’s flowerbeds, Nikki retaliated as well and threw Team A’s mats. She was called out for participating when she was not supposed to as she is a sanchalak. We could also see Nikki defending Team B throughout the task. Eventually, despite Rubina’s move of throwing garbage onto Team B’s flowerbeds, making them dirty, Nikki chose them as the winner saying, ‘Kichad mein hi kamal khilta hai’.

Nikki thus saved Eijaz, Rahul, Pavitra and Nishant from eliminations. We saw both the teams playing really well. Everyone showcased their abilities and stood their ground, fought hard to make their team win. And in the end, there’s always one winner. So, do you think, Nikki Tamboli’s decision to make Team B the winner was right? Vote below:

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