Bigg Boss 14: As the entire house goes against Rahul Vaidya, fans come out in his support as they trend #WeSupportRahulVaidya

Bigg Boss 14’s latest episode was quite a dramatic one where we saw Rahul Vaidya and Pavitra Punia locking their horns as their horns as the latter one feels that the former has tarnished her character by spreading the rumour that she has a crush on Abhinav Shukla. While earlier Pavitra said that she would go on a date with Abhinav in front of his wife Rubina, which they enjoyed and took it jokingly. While Rahul also said in a harmless way and asserted it is nothing wrong to have a crush, we saw Pavitra breaking down and later entire house supported her and went against us the singer. Though Rahul said that he is not wrong and will not say sorry for whatever he said. And his attitude has garnered appreciation from fans as they supported him by trending #WeSupportRahulVaidya on Twitter. Here are some of the tweets…

Well, it will be interesting what Salman Khan will say about this fight in Weekend Ka Vaar. So, are you excited for tomorrow’s episode? Tweet and let us know @bollywood_life.

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