Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni’s sister opens up on his relationship with Jasmin Bhasin; says, ‘It is a very special bond they share’

Aly Goni recently entered Bigg Boss 14 as a wild card. He revealed that he agreed to do the show for his BFF, Jasmin Bhasin. He said that he could not see Jasmin Bhasin in that state and hence came inside to support her. We have seen Aly and Jasmin’s strong bond in Khatron Ke Khiladi and now in Bigg Boss 14. Aly Goni’s Ilham Goni has reacted to his gameplan, his relationship with Jasmin. In an interview with Pinkvilla, she spoke about the change in the house after Aly entered. She said, “Definitely. I feel the game has changed, the strategies, the plans, Aly is that kind of a person who lightens up the entire thing. I was pretty sure he will change the dynamics inside. He is what he is, what you see on the show. He is doing amazing.” She also spoke about Aly’s anger while he was inside the glass room. She said, “Aly is short tempered, it is his weakness. We knew it already and he was very skeptical about it even before he took up the show. But then we knew that somewhere he will get triggered and that aggressive side will come out. it was expected that he will get irritated. Even in real life, he is like that.”

Iham Goni also spoke about Aly and Jasmin’s bond and that people feel they are more than just friends. She shared, “Aly and Jasmin, they share an amazing bond. for some people, it is difficult to understand and I can see that on social media that people are suspecting that they are more than friends but there is nothing like that. I have seen them for three years now and been there and it is a very special bond they share. They have a great understanding, so right now, I know and i am sure about it that it is just friendship and it is a beautiful. whatever happens inside, it will never affect their friendship, their bond is way beyond that. They have a different attachment when it comes to their relationship. She is calm, he is angry. She is emotional, it is a balance and they balance each other very well.” She was also asked about being apprehensive of Aly entering as wild card as none of the wild cards have ever won the game.

“We all know that he was going to enter from the very beginning but because of the prior commitments, he had said no. Then, after that there was a lot of push from the channel too given the kind of person and character he is. He was in Jammu when conversations were on with the channel. We also supported him, we encouraged him to go because we could also see that there was nothing happening on the show and there was not enough masala. The kind of person Aly is we were sure he will spice up things inside. Even he was skeptical about entering as a wild card but then the Jasmin episode happened where she got emotional and lost. This thing triggered Aly and added up to hai resolve to enter. He had to do the show, if not this time, then later. After Jasmin’s breakdown, he just decided to go, “she said.

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