Avril Lavigne Breaks Silence On Conspiracy That She’s Dead: ‘Why Would They Think That?’

Listen up, Avril Lavigne truthers! The singer has finally addressed the rumors that she died in 2003 and was replaced by ‘Melissa,’ and you may or may not be satisfied by what she said. Find out here…

Avril Lavigne, 34, has never spoken out about the conspiracy that she’s actually not Avril, but a doppleganger named Melissa Vandella, who was originally supposedly hired to pose as her for paparazzi. That changed on November 1, when she appeared on the Kyle and Jackie O Show and was flat out asked about allegedly dying in 2003. “Yeah some people think that I’m not the real me which is so weird! Like why would they even think that,” she said after a short pause. Hmm… kind of sounds like something a body double trying to hide a secret would say. Note that she never actually denied the assertion, and immediately changed the subject! We’ve got our eye on you, MELISSA. Kidding!

The conspiracy suggests that Avril allegedly committed suicide in 2003 after the death of her beloved grandfather, and her record label “replaced her” with a look-alike to keep the money rolling in. The alleged “proof” that supports the theory is that Avril started dressing more feminine and ditched the severe eyeliner and studs shortly after the release of 2004’s Under My Skin. They claim that her physical appearance changed, as well. The conspiracy theorists also believe that the depressing lyrics on Under My Skin were written by Avril in the throes of her misery before allegedly killing herself.

As you can see in the side-by-side photo below, 2018 Avril does look a bit different from 2003 Avril. But — that’s not weird. There’s a major difference between your appearance at age 18 and age 34! Her makeup, hair, and overall style has improved since her skater grrl teen years.

Avril — or should we say Melissa — hasn’t said anything else about the rumor, but Kyle and Jackie O did point out that there were weird noises on the phone line and unexplained beeps during the broadcast. Wait. What if “Avril” is actually a robot?? Think about everything Avril’s doppleganger has done over the past 15 years. Dated Brody Jenner. Married Chad Kroeger from Nickleback. Released that song about dolphins. Still a truther? Read more about the wildest celebrity conspiracy theories HERE!

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