Anchor Suma sends monetary aid to her staff

Day by day the increasing Coronavirus +ive cases intensifying the situations and creating ripples in both Telugu states. The people are scared about the deadly outburst of Covid-19. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana governments are taking all the necessary precautionary measures to fight against Coronavirus.

On the otherside, the celebrities from the film industry are also trying hard to bring awareness among the people over Covid-19.  Few days ago, popular anchor Suma Kanakala shared a few preventive measures to control the Coronavirus attack. The anchor also asked everyone not to get panic over the situation and advised everyone to utilize mask.  Now according to the latest update, the anchor Suma Kanakala has decided to help the people who are working for her.

It is being heard that Suma Kanakala is also said to have donated to a couple of such charities set for Television employees. She has also made a list of employees who are directly or indirectly dependent on her.  After making the list, the anchor Suma Kanakala is said to have sent them monetary aid to their families as she is not able to buy and give them commodities straight during this lockdown period.

Suma Kanakala  also asked everyone to follow the lockdown rules imposed by the government to combat covid-19.

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