‘The Young And The Restless’ Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane For Sharon And Nick

In celebration of their upcoming wedding, The Young and the Restless stars Sharon Case and Joshua Morrow took a trip down memory lane for Sharon and Nick.

The first scene the co-stars looked back at was from the early years in Genoa City when Sharon ran into Nick and Amy at Crimson Lights, which Sharon now owns. Case noted that she looked exactly the same, and fans agreed. YouTube user, Angie P pointed out, “Sharon hasn’t aged.”

Meanwhile, Morrow had plenty of comments about his style from those early days in the 1990s. He even mentioned that he thought his sweater had come from his grandma’s curtains.

Then, the on-screen couple looked back at their first wedding in 1996. They looked so incredibly young, and Case noted she thought that their upcoming wedding would make three for them, and everybody knows what they say about the third time — it’s the charm, or so Y&R fans hope.

Richard W pleaded, “Writers, please let Nick and Sharon get married this time. Nick needs to quite acting like Victor Newman…”

Another fan, also agreed writing, “I have been a fan of Nick and Sharon since day one and have always wanted you back together…”

Even so, a few fans admitted that while they adored a young version of this couple, they simply don’t see the same chemistry from them now that they’re older. These fans wish that “Shick” would remain friends instead of walking down the aisle again.

Then, a dramatic scene when the pair jumped out of an airplane scared Case. After that, they saw the hospital scenes from when their son, Noah, was born. During that scene, Nick brought up Grace, and both actors looked a bit sheepish at that because they know that Nick cheated on Sharon more than once with Grace.

However, nothing moved them more than looking back at the tragic death of their daughter Cassie Newman (Camryn Grimes). Both Morrow and Case got emotional seeing that intense scene in the moments after Cassie died of her injuries from a car wreck. They noted that part of their sadness in those moments drew from the fact that they knew they’d no longer be working with Grimes.

Finally, the last moment they looked at was their second wedding where a newly awakened Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) showed up to crash it, and much like Sharon, Phyllis also wore white.

Somewhat ironically, it could be Phyllis who messes up the upcoming third “Shick” wedding, according to Inquisitr‘s Y&R spoilers.

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