High Five

Swathy Mohan V, an MTech student from Thiruvananthapuram, sends in her top five movies


Directorial début of Arun Prabhu Purushothaman, the film depicts the events that occur in the life of a rebellious 24-year-old woman, Aruvi, portrayed brilliantly by débutant Aditi Balan. With an unconventional story, the film dissects the attitude of a consumeristic society.

The Man from Earth

The American drama science fiction film directed by Richard Schenkman received much acclaim for its remarkable screenplay by Jerome Bixby. The slow-paced movie entirely takes place in the house of a university professor and is neatly driven by dialogues.


Directed by Bhadran, the Mohanlal-starrer is a Malayalam classic. Apart from catchy dialogues and crowd-pulling stunt scenes, the sleeper hit deftly explores emotions and relationships.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

A fantasy film written and directed by Peter Hedges, it centres on the life of a boy whose personality influences his family and even an entire town. The movie touches a chord with the viewer and inspires optimism.

Sudani from Nigeria

Written and directed by Zakariya Mohammed, the movie explores the culture of sevens football in Malappuram to tell a poignant small-town story of an African football player, his team owner and other local residents. It is a celebration of compassion.

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