Emmerdale fans shocked as Jessie Dingle crosses a line in family feud

Emmerdale fans were totally shocked when they saw Jessie Dingle take the feuding one step too far.

Jessie has been in the centre of a huge storm since her surprise wedding to Marlon Dingle led to the arrival of her son, Billy Fletcher.

But Billy has been causing a stir after he shared some prison time with Aaron Dingle, making his life a living hell alongside a bloke called Jason.

Robert attacked him in a blind rage over the way Billy treated his husband, but the feud kept growing as Jessie called the coppers and saw Robert arrested and questioned.

But Emmerdale fans were utterly shocked when they saw some very angry responses from Jessie – and then she crossed the line by bringin young April into the situation.

April asked Jessie what was going on between her and Marlon, to which Jessie replied: "Billy’s been hurt very badly, but your daddy doesn’t seem to think it matters."

Marlon was shocked, telling April to go upstairs before looking very angry and saying to her: "Leave her out of it," in a very angry tone.

Later on, Jessie was seen very upset and crying, as she realised the severity of what she had done.

She tearfully told Marlon: "I should never have said that to April – I apologised to her. I just never thought it would be this hard."

The pair made up after Jessie apologised for her actions, but many viewers refused to forgive her for trying to convince the young girl to go against her own dad.

One said: "Really Jessie, not even on 2 minutes and she’s at it, and the attitude to April…. grrrrrr but loving Ellis # Emmerdale

Another said: "There was no need to bring April into it Jessie # Emmerdale"

A third added: "# emmerdale can someone come in and give Jessie a clump. She’s a b***h and Marlon needs to get rid after the way she spoke to April over her bullyboy son"

Emmerdale continues on Monday at 7pm on ITV.

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