Eamonn Holmes forced to step in as Trinny Woodall suffers major fashion fail

Eamonn Holmes was forced to step in today when Trinny Woodall suffered a major fashion fail.

The fashion expert, 54, got into difficulty while presenting a segment about print on This Morning.

Luckily, Eamonn was on hand to provide assistance and helped Trinny untangle her microphone .

"What darling? Oh thank you so much," she said as, without warning, Eamonn stood up and started fiddling with her outfit.

He replied: "The director is saying you shouldn’t be wearing that. Who allowed that to happen?"

That wasn’t the only awkward moment during the segment that some viewers described as a ‘trainwreck’.

Ruth Langsford got flustered when Trinny suggested that they should go on a shopping trip.

"The viewers would love it," said Trinny, while Ruth tried to avoid answering the question.

There was also some confusion when Eamonn noticed Trinny’s bizarre ring.

She was wearing a lip gloss pot, which is part of her make-up brand, on her hand.

This Morning viewers rushed to Twitter to comment on Trinny’s outfit.

One viewer said: "Trinny is wearing the latest curtain design from the 70s."

Another added: "Trinny dresses like that and offers fashion advice?"

A third said: "I cant see any outfit due to trinnys being bloody hideous"

*This Morning airs weekdays on ITV at 10.30am

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