Imagine my grief when I had to pick between teams I like, and yet not tell anyone about it.

Summer vacations are here and just in time for the IPL! Woohoooo! Thank God the holidays started just a week after the matches kicked off. Now, no one can tell me to go to sleep instead of watching a match because ‘it’s a school night’. No one can say, ‘You can watch the match AFTER you’ve finished your homework/loading the washing machine/cleaning out all the gunk from your ears’. No one can say, ‘Aren’t you grounded this week?’ because what kind of monster grounds kids during summer holidays?

This or that?

Anyway, the big dilemma this year as it is every year, is which team to support. CSK or RCB? I’ve lived in Bengaluru for the past five years, but I was born in Chennai. So, a part of me feels like I should cheer for my home city. But, I’ve never really lived in Chennai and the maximum time I’ve spent there is a few weeks during vacations and festivals and fam weddings. So, then I think I should cheer for RCB. But, is five years long enough to call where you live home? If I think about it that way, I lived in Bombay for five years… so then I should cheer for Mumbai Indians. There’s no way I can decide this using hometown theories.

So then, I thought okay, let me cheer for the team with the players I like the most. That made it even harder! CSK has Dhoni and Watson and Bravo! RCB has Kohli and ABD and Shimron Hetmyer! If Tendulkar was still playing for MI, it might have been easier to just root for them. But he’s not! I like ALL these players! So, there goes that idea.

The problem is, you have to be careful who you tell these things to! I blabbed to a lift full of people in my building that I was a CSK fan, and I don’t think I’ve been yelled at by so many people since I accidentally let a lizard loose from my geometry box in Math class. Poor Laloo. I hope he’s safe and happy wherever he is. Then, when I was Skyping with my cousins back in Chennai, I let it slip how awesome I thought RCB was. They disconnected the call and then blamed it on bad WiFi. Yeah right! Isn’t blood thicker than water or something? Actually, I don’t know what that means, but it sounds gross.

Figuring out who to support is harder than algebra. Great. I just ruined cricket forever for myself, by comparing it to Math.

So, I decided that the best way to avoid any yelling, dirty looks and family members who want to disown me is to not tell anyone who I’m supporting. That’s right. I’m not telling. I’m also watching all the matches by myself so that no one finds out. Genius!

Ok. The only thing more boring than Algebra is watching an IPL match by yourself. Great! I did it again.

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