Acne has left deep scars on my face, as I pinched my pimples. Is there any way or medicine to heal the deep scars completely and fill the deep holes?

The best way to prevent an acne scar is to treat the pimple, early. Once the scarring has occurred, the best way to manage it is through scar revision treatments. These are basically energy-based devices (EBD), such as lasers and radiofrequency devices. More severe scars may need volume correction or dermatosurgical procedures like subcision, which is a technique specifically used for acne scars by most dermatologists. The scar that occurs following a pimple, is the same as the scar that occurs, say after a fall or cut. But the three-dimensional nature of the pimple, makes the scar tissue much more disorganised and difficult to treat, with scar removal creams. The way forward would be to consult your dermatologist, for first assessing the extent and severity of the scars, next, to evaluate the type of treatments suitable for your skin type, and lastly, to chalk out the treatment plan. Acne scar treatments are long-term treatments, and the scar would need a few to many sessions for good improvement.

I am 16 and my hair growth is very thin, especially towards the front. Is there a way of making each strand thicker and increasing the hair growth?

During puberty, some frontal hair loss is expected. But this should settle down. However, if there is overall thinning of hair, or if the frontal loss is rapidly increasing, you may need to meet a dermatologist. She/he would evaluate you for patterned hair loss, otherwise known as androgenetic alopecia. In addition, you would be evaluated for hair loss related to deficiencies or immunological causes. Some DIY that you can try, is to include more greens in your diet, particularly amaranth. Do sleep on time, as chronic melatonin depletion is being linked to a number of conditions, including hair loss. It is not only the hours of sleep that matter, but the timing of those hours. Try to sleep earlier for better melatonin regulation.

Dr Renita Rajan is the Chief Consultant Dermatologist at RENDER Skin & Hair, a cosmetic dermatology clinic in Chennai

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