Japan zoo stages ‘escaped lion’ drill and the Internet is in splits

Having a lion, tiger, snake,or any other animal escape out of its enclosure at a zoo is a scary thought. That’s probably why a zoo in Japan decided to host an “escaped lion” drill to ensure they had necessary steps and protocols in place should there ever be a situation like this. Only, videos of this drill have now made their way online and people on the Internet cannot stop laughing while watching them. A clip of the drill has collected over four million views and counting on Twitter.

The incident took place at Tobe Zoo in Ehime. Since the zoo was simulating the event, they obviously didn’t have an actual lion running about the zoo. Instead they had a member of their staff dressed in a lion costume to help them out. The clip shows the pretend-lion running around on two legs as other members try to “catch” it.

That, however, isn’t the only reason the clip has gone viral. What’s even funnier is the reaction of the actual lions watching the scene from a distance.

Not just the millions of views, the video has collected over 82,400 ‘likes’ and more than 33,900 retweets since being shared on June 22. Twitter has done what it does best and shared some hilarious reactions on this drill.

What do you think of this drill?

First Published:
Jun 24, 2019 18:04 IST

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