‘Gully Boy’ has introduced hip-hop to a wider audience: rapper Divine

A quick interview with the rapper Divine

Vivian Fernandes aka Divine is one-half (Naezy being the other) of the inspiration behind the Ranveer Singh -Alia Bhatt starrer Gully Boy. A quick chat with the rapper, who was in Hyderabad recently for a Red Bull music gig.

Gully Boy has put the focus on street rappers. Are you thrilled the rapping scene has finally attracted attention in India?

Gully Boy has definitely introduced hip-hop and a lot of the Indian hip-hop acts to a much wider audience. I cannot say how many people will now follow Indian hip-hop or my music, but the movie has definitely brought much-needed attention to the scene, which is great.

Gully Boy is inspired by yours and Naezy’s story. Which part did you enjoy in the movie?

I finally saw it a few days back and loved it. The music and the performances by Ranveer, Alia, Vijay and Siddhanth were amazing.

What has kept you going in your journey?

I’ve always had the support of my close friends, my family, and those that I’ve met along the way in my career. All I had was a mic and a dream and now things are finally coming along together.

You began rapping in English and then shifted to Hindi. What is your reason?

I was thinking in Hindi and then translating to English. The switch only felt natural to me.

Tell us about Gully Gang Entertainment?

I’ve started Gully Gang Entertainment to work with upcoming hip-hop talent that I really believe in. I’ve been around the industry for some time now and hope I can use my experiences to help promising talent.

Underground rap is about writing about the life and struggles of growing up in a neglected area. Do you think rapping’s ability to convey painful emotions and highlight problems connects with the youth?

Rappers are the historians of the 21st century. There is no issue that hip-hop hasn’t touched. Azadi!

Future projects?

I am working on a few projects, especially my debut body of work titled ‘Kohinoor’ which I’m going to release in April.

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