Accused in murder case hacked to death in broad daylight

A 25-year-old man accused in a murder case was hacked to death by two persons in broad daylight on the busy Rajendranagar-Attapur main road here on Wednesday.

A traffic police constable and some locals tried to save the victim, J. Ramesh, but the accused V. Kishan and A. Laxman repeatedly attacked the victim with an axe and a knife. Though a police team of the Crime wing was passing by the spot in a vehicle while the victim screamed for help, it did not deter the attackers. Videos of the incident shot by onlookers using mobile phonesalong with the police vehicle passing by have gone viral.

The constables carrying sticks got off the vehicle, but did not go near the attackers. Some youngsters were seen recording the incident on their mobile phones.

A little later, the two accused were caught and taken to Rajendranagar police station for interrogation. On December 24 last year, Ramesh allegedly killed V. Mahesh, 25, son of the attacker Kishan, with the help of three friends at Shamshabad, Rajendranagar ACP Ashok Chakravarthy said.

Over an affair?

Ramesh and Mahesh, belonging to the same community, were friends from Jummerathbazar area. Ramesh, an electrician, had an affair with a married woman of the same locality, but he bore a grudge against Mahesh on learning that the latter was moving closely with that woman.

Police had filed a chargesheet and Ramesh used to attend court on a regular basis.

“Kishan wanted to take revenge for his son’s murder and was biding his time,” the ACP said. They apparently were waiting on the road and ran towards Ramesh on seeing him walking towards the junction.

“Screaming for help, Ramesh ran towards constable Lingamurthy, who was regulating traffic there. By then, the attackers inflicted some injuries on him,” the ACP said. The constable tried to give lift to Ramesh on his bike, but the duo pushed them down. Ramesh got up and started running, but the attackers chased him and hacked him to death in full public view.

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