Project Gutenberg

Considered to be the oldest digital library, Project Gutenberg was started in 1971 by a student Michael Hart from the University of Illinois. The project took shape when he decided to type out the entire Declaration of Independence on his school computer so that students could refer to it easily. It became a huge success and he soon followed it up with digitising William Shakespeare’s works and the Bible. Today, Project Gutenberg is run by a non-profit organisation and offers over 57,000 free e-books.

Why it’s fun:

** No-frills: Project Gutenberg offers the simplest and most basic reading platform, making it extremely user-friendly. Due to its simple format, the site runs smoothly on any device. It allows you to download books in the format of your choice and the files don’t take up much space.

** Collection: While you may not find the latest bestsellers on this site, it is indeed a treasure trove for classical works. You can download classics, historical speeches and essays by eminent personalities.

How it helps:

** The books are available free of cost.

** A great resource for classics.

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