Ensuing polls, a do or die battle for democratic forces: Kanimozhi

The forthcoming Lok Sabha polls scheduled for April 18 is a ‘do or die battle’ for those who have faith in democracy as the “fascist” Bharatiya Janata Party is aiming at destroying democratic institutions and the secular fabric of the country, Rajya Sabha MP Kanimozhi said.

Addressing a poll preparatory meeting held here on Friday, Ms. Kanimozhi, who is to be fielded in the Thoothukudi Lok Sahba segment as the candidate of Secular Progressive Alliance, said the BJP was posing serious threat to secularism and even the Indian Constitution. “If the BJP was voted to power again, it will tend to wipe out the Opposition parties and their leaders from India and RSS activists, BJP cadre and the functionaries of Sangh Parivar alone will be allowed to live and there will be no space for Dalits, religious minorities and women,” she said.

The Narendra Modi-led BJP Government that came to power with the promise of creating 2 crore jobs every year had paved way for unprecedented unemployment crisis in the country in the past 45 years. While the demonetisation left every middle and lower class families in the lurch, the Goods and Service Tax mercilessly destroyed several marginal, small and medium enterprises and consequently, the livelihood of several crores of employees working in these units, she added.

The AIADMK government, better known as ‘BJP’s B Team’, too had miserably failed in all the fronts. There was no safety to women as predators could freely roam around. Those who were protesting against anti-people projects and policies were being hunted down as it was done during the anti-Sterlite agitation here, Ms Kanimozhi said.

Office-bearers of alliance parties of SPA participated in the meeting.

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