Camel’s milk costs double compared to cow-milk: PM Narendra Modi

The Prime Minister said he was mocked at when he spoke about the nutritional value of camel's milk about the Kutch earthquake.

Claiming that he was ridiculed for describing camels milk as nutritious, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that camel’s milk was being used not only in making chocolates but was selling at double the price compared to cow milk.

“I clearly remember that in Kutch after the earthquake I had talked about the nutritional value of camel’s milk. As if Gujarat’s chief minister Narendra Modi had committed some sin, wherever I used to go, people used to make fun of me, cartoons were drawn and was scoffed at. Today, I am happy, that the chocolate made of camel’s milk has a huge demand. And just now Ramsinhbhai (Parmar, the chairman of Amul Dairy) was telling me that today camel’s milk fetches double the money compared to cow-milk.”

“I am happy that after so many years, Amul has fulfilled my dream,” said Modi while addressing a large am gathering of farmers at Mogar in Anand district of Gujarat.

He also inaugurated a slew of projects before leaving for Anjar in Kutch.

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