Business Insider’s List: 4 Indian-origin executives among ‘10 people transforming the way tech industry does business’

After stablising a struggling Microsoft, Business Insider says, Satya Nadella has his eyes set on artificial intelligence, edge computing, and augmented reality.

Technology may be a tool to make people’s lives easier but development of new technologies is not an easy task. Business Insider’s list of the 10 people transforming the way the technology industry does business shows how the leaders of the sector are the ones changing the game by making lives easier for developers of new technologies. Of these 10 — bucking the trend of India’s contribution to the tech world from the back-end — are four people leading top technology companies and projects.

The most prominent Indian name on the list is Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. After stablising a struggling Microsoft, Business Insider says, Nadella has his eyes set on artificial intelligence, edge computing, and augmented reality. “The big idea, he has said, is to make all technology smarter, whether that’s a smartphone, an app running in the cloud, or even farming or manufacturing equipment,” Business Insider noted.

One of the challenges Nadella faced early on as Microsoft chief was the uprising of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the cloud computing market. However, Microsoft wasn’t the only company to be bothered by AWS’ rapid growth. A database project led by IIT-Kharagpur alumnus Debanjan Saha called Aurora is one of the fastest-growing services in the history of AWS, and has rattled the long-time leader of database industry — Oracle.

“Amazon and its databases are bringing a new form of competition to a market. And with Amazon’s culture of fanatical customer support, Aurora has far bigger implications for the enterprise software industry than just being yet another kind of database,” Business Insider said.

The cloud computing market has only recently exploded, and at the helm of one of Google’s key cloud project — Kubernetes — is another Indian-origin person. “Aparna Sinha leads the team running Google Cloud’s Kubernetes business, a cornerstone of the company’s push to unseat the reigning cloud champion Amazon Web Services. Sinha leads Google Kubernetes Engine, a service used to power apps from companies like Spotify and Niantic,” Business Insider said. Kubernetes makes it easier for developers to manage large-scale software applications.

Simplifying the job of app and software developers, while increasing their productivity, is at the heart of software utility firm Glitch. Its CEO Anil Dash, born in Pennsylvania to Odia parents, said that developers are the most expensive people on the staff and their productivity is “really valuable, and their comfort is really valuable”. Dash is former advisor to the Obama White House’s Office of Digital Strategy.

Other prominent names on the list include co-CEO of Salesforce Keith Block, who, according to Business Insider, is focused on capitalising on what he calls a “perfect storm of amazing technology disrupting business models and markets,” as artificial intelligence gives companies the ability to achieve what he calls the holy grail of sales software, the chance to know everything about their customers and what they value, no matter how they interact with them.

The list also includes Jennifer Tejada, CEO of PagerDuty, a company leading the idea of development and operations as a single concept — one of the most popular in modern technology industry. The company helps developers release more software faster by fixing problems as they arise. As per Business Insider, PagerDuty filed to go public in March and raised over $200 million in the IPO. Other names on the list are CEO of open-source project GitLab Sid Sijbrandij; open-source licensing lawyer Heather Meeker; brothers Patrick and John Collison of payment tech firm Stripe; and Tamar Yehoshua, vice-president of workplace chat app Slack.

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