‘Big’ Offers To Opposition Leaders

Telangana Rashtra Samithi has initiated a ‘perception battle’ against its political opponents in the State, before dates for the upcoming elections are announced! And in the process, the Party is keen to attract members from rival political parties into the TRS.

Irrigation minister T Harish Rao is on a mission to get TDP and Congress leaders from Warangal East, Kodangal, Gajwel, Sanga Reddy and few other Constituencies along with his own Siddipet to join TRS. According to his close aide MV Reddy from Siddipet, Harish Rao is keen to sweep opposition off its support base in the Assembly segments where he would be made in-charge in the upcoming polls. Though no leader associated with the Minister is willing to comment on Harish Rao’s future in the Party; they are confident that the Young Turk will ensure TRS not just wins the upcoming elections, but wins it big.

On the other hand, political opponents are criticizing TRS leaders of showering large amounts of cash to attract political opponents into the Party. Bollam Ramulu, a sarpanch under Kodangal Assembly segment alleged that TRS leaders, from the top, are promising large sums of money and other benefits if they join the ruling party. He further added that if TRS wins the upcoming State elections, it would not be because of any of its commendable work, but purely due to financial clout it has acquired in the last four and half years.

Irrespective of what political opponents say, it is evident that the TRS party has raised curtain over a perception battle to showcase its acceptance and legitimacy in the State, in comparison to Congress and other opposition Parties. It would be interesting to see what strategy would the Grand Old Party and its alliance partners employ to win this perception war.

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