‘Adaptation is the key to survival’

Shantanu Prakash discusses the challenges of a VUCA world with PSBB students

In any age, one could not become complacent about their knowledge and skills. More so in our time and age, when technology is growing at the rate of knots, new job profiles are coming up every other day, and the contours of business are being rapidly redrawn. This is the central message of Dr. (Smt.) Y.G. Rajalakshmi Parthasarathy Shastiabdapoorthi Endowment Lecture 2018, delivered recently by Shantanu Prakash, chairman and managing director of Educomp Solutions Ltd. The lecture, which was on the topic “Managing A VUCA World – The Indian Perspective”, was delivered at the 93rd birthday celebration of Dr. (Mrs.) Y.G. Parthasarathy, dean and director (academics and administration), PSBB Group of Schools. Shantanu was addressing Class 12 students. Throwing light on ‘VUCA world,’ a much-discussed concept in the business world today, he said, “With the advent of disruptive technologies, the world of business is undergoing far-reaching upheavals. The present world can be characterised as VUCA where the state of affairs are always Volatile, Uncertain, Chaotic and Ambiguous. Machines have already begun to replace manpower in many parts of the world. In another 10 years, over 80 per cent of the present jobs will cease to exist. One cannot expect to have long-term employment because the life span of a company itself will be short in the coming days. Only those who adapt to change by reskilling themselves will thrive and those who ignore the change or are reluctant to adapt to it will fall apart,” says Shantanu Prakash. Shantanu Prakash analysed the VUCA world in the light of the Bhagavad Gita. Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Group of Schools has been organising Dr. (Smt.) Y.G. Rajalakshmi Parthasarathy Shastiabdapoorthi Endowment Lecture since the 60th birthday of Dr. (Mrs.) Y.G. Parthasarathy. “Every year, we organise the endowment lecture on November 27, the birthday of Dr. (Mrs.) YGP. Today, she is celebrating her 93rd birthday and it is the 33rd edition of the endowment lecture,”says K.S. Vijayalakshmi, academic administrator and coordinator, Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Group of Schools. School pupil leaders of all the branches of the school presented bouquets and greeting cards to Dr. (Mrs.) YGP.

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