Western Railways raises red flag for second Mumbai AC local

Trials have begun of the second air-conditioned (AC) local train between Churchgate and Virar railway stations on Western Railway (WR). The trials began last week and are likely to be conducted till the end of May.

However, railways officials are sceptical about operating the train on the suburban route owing to concerns about the positioning of the train’s electrical equipment in its underframe.

Railway personnel undertaking the trials said that the equipment positioned in the underframe has been placed too low and water could enter the system during the monsoon, hampering the train’s operation.

“As the trials began we noticed that the electrics are placed too low and due to that, during monsoon if there is waterlogging on the tracks it will be impossible to operate the train. Water could easily enter the electrics and damage the system,” said a railway official involved in the trials.

After completing the trials on the suburban railway route, another trial of the AC train will be undertaken on the ghat section between Kalyan and Karjat railway stations. Operation of the AC local train on the suburban railway tracks will then be ascertained.

However, it is not yet certain as to how WR will fix the issue of the placement of the electrical equipment.

“The trials are underway and only after they have been completed will we be able to finalise as to how the issue will be addressed. After conducting oscillation trials, it will become clear how the train will move on the tracks,” said the official. Oscillation trials are done to establish the stability of wagons and find their oscillation behaviour. The new prototype of the AC train arrived in the city on March 1.

First Published:
Mar 14, 2019 23:59 IST

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