The Possession of Hannah Grace is dead on arrival, says Rashid Irani

This demonic possession flick is little more than a pastiche of malevolent entity tropes. After an overwrought opening sequence involving the unsuccessful exorcism of, well, a young woman named Hannah Grace (Kirby Johnson), the narrative quickly goes downhill.

It’s three months later, and her ‘undead’ cadaver has fetched up at the Boston hospital morgue where a disgraced former cop (Shay Mitchell) works the graveyard shift.

As the ex-cop’s colleagues are bumped off in increasingly gruesome ways, the clichéd jump scare tactics are likely to be met with eyeball rolls rather than the requisite shudders. Indeed, the preview audience sniggered every time the disfigured corpse crept in through the edges of the frame.

Even with its pared-down length of 87 minutes, it seemed like an eternity before …Hannah Grace was finally consigned to the flames.

First Published: Dec 06, 2018 15:59 IST

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