On Holi, cops in Delhi get 11,568 calls; 5 die in accidents

One in every four call that the Delhi Police received on Thursday were about quarrels regarding Holi celebrations, police records show.

According to officers, between 8am and midnight on Thursday, the police control room received a total of 11,568 calls.

Of these, 3,090 calls were about quarrels, many of which arose from smearing of colours.

The Delhi Traffic Police data shows that as compared to last year, this year, the number of fatal accidents on Holi were down to half. This year, five fatal accidents were reported on Holi, compared to 10 the previous year.

Apart from this, as many as 16,554 challans were issued. Of these, 1,736 were for drink driving, 416 were for driving on the wrong side of the carriageway, 326 for dangerous driving, 409 for speeding, 1,446 for triple riding and 5,092 for riding without helmets.

Last year, 12,630 challans were issued, of which 1,560 were for drink driving, 300 were for using the wrong carriageway, 129 for dangerous driving, 224 were for speeding, 1,271 were for triple riding and 3843 were for riding without helmets.

The police, however, maintained that the number of PCR calls were fewer than those received last Holi, when 14,504 calls were made to the police. Last year, the police hadn’t maintained a separate list of calls arising from Holi celebrations.

In a statement issued on Friday, Delhi Police officers said, “Holi celebrations were largely peaceful due to strategic deployment and stringer visibility of police”.

Police said all district deputy commissioners of police were on the ground throughout the day to supervise arrangements. “The local police were on the streets in full strength. We also had deployed 22 reserved companies to increase our visibility,” said the statement.

Special attention was on university areas, hostels and paying guest accommodations as those were spots where trouble by Holi revellers was anticipated.

“Our men and women personnel were also deployed in plainclothes to keep a watch on troublemakers,” said police.

First Published:
Mar 23, 2019 13:33 IST

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