Delhi high court wants IIT teacher’s help in examining East Kidwai Nagar project

The Delhi high court Wednesday asked a professor of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, to assist it in examining the traffic and parking aspect in the East Kidwai Nagar redevelopment project and be present in court on May 20.

The professor, Geetam Tiwari, had prepared the traffic assessment report of East Kidwai Nagar on the court’s direction last year.

On Wednesday, the court also posed several questions to the NBCC India, the developer of the project, and the Unified Traffic and Transportation Infrastructure (Planning and Engineering) Centre (UTTIPEC) regarding traffic and parking management at the newly developed complex.

Justice Vibhu Bakhru said he would examine the Master Plan of Delhi, 2021, the parking and traffic management aspects in the redevelopment project following which he would want to hear answers from the UTTIPEC. “Let IIT professor Geetam Tiwari be present on the next date of hearing (May 20),” the court said.

Additional Solicitor General (ASG) Pinky Anand, appearing for the NBCC, reiterated its stand and said the Master Plan allowed 10% of the total Floor Area Ratio (FAR) to be used for commercial purpose. These include government offices, Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) and other such offices.

To this, the court sought to know about the traffic and parking management, which would be burdened once the commercial complex is opened by the NBCC.

“What is the percentage of offices on record? What is the break-up of the PSUs? What are the norms for commercial area under the 10% of the redevelopment? What is the requirement if it (the building) is commercial,” the court asked.

Reading out an old affidavit that it had filed in the case, the ASG told the court the construction was done in such a manner that congestion would not affect Ring Road or Aurobindo Marg. She said traffic would be
smooth even if 5,000 cars
ply in and around the area because the traffic would flow from a road in INA.

However, the court was not satisfied with the reply. It remarked, “Even the CBI building does not have any public dealing but look at the traffic congestion outside the building. How can you restrict people from coming if there are government offices and PSUs?”

It went on to say, “The fact of the matter is that the matter is that there is congestion and despite this the project has been enhanced.”

The court was hearing a petition filed by senior advocate Aman Lekhi and advocate Manali Singhal in 2014, which alleged that the plan for the East Kidwai Nagar redevelopment project, meant to provide accommodations to government officials, was done without considering the environmental implications, road space, or rights of residents.

First Published:
May 16, 2019 06:41 IST

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