Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s Divyanka Tripathi recalls the time when she lost work as she was called ‘unprofessional’ | Bollywood Life

TV actress Divyanka Tripathi who is currently seen on Ekta Kapoor’s Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will soon be seen in a digital series as well. The actress will play a chef in the series which will stream on Kapoor’s OTT platform. While Divyanka is busy working for Ekta’s shows, there have been rumours that the two ladies had a fallout. Divyanka skipped Kapoor’s birthday bash which fuelled these rumours. Amidst all these rumours, Divyanka has come out finally and cleared the air. On June 11, the actress went live on Instagram, and spoke to her fans clearing the air about the unprofessional rumours.

During the session, Divyanka started by saying, “Why I am doing this session is because many of you must be wondering what happens in Divyanka Tripathi’s life. Is she working? She is not even seen in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. My co-actors at times feel that I don’t like working anymore and I don’t give dates. But I am working and I am doing two shows YHM and a web series. My life has been full of ups and downs and people don’t know about it. That’s why these rumours factory is very interesting actually how it churns out new stories about actors what they must be doing. They assume a lot of things and nobody knows the back story. My day is different every time. Sometimes there is too much of waiting, sometimes there’s lot of work. The reason why I am talking is because of the latest rumours doing the rounds about me.”

Further, Divyanka revealed how once during Banoo Main Teri Dulhann the same kinds of rumours had kickstarted due to which she started losing projects.

“I will narrate an incident – years back when I was doing my first show Banoo Main Teri Dulhann even after giving it everything – my heart, soul – there were some people in the production house who were not fond of me for certain reasons. So, in order to shrug off their own responsibility and keep their own mistakes hidden, they maligned my image. I was the soft target there. The higher authorities listened to them and in fact post this incident people stopped giving me work by calling me unprofessional,” the actress added.

She for once and all cleared the unprofessional rumours, by saying, “I just knew that if I am unprofessional world will come to know and if I am not they will get to know even this. I always knew that one day my work will speak for me. People feel I am very soft spoken, yes, I am that is my personality I can’t change it for somebody. Similarly, if I am professional I will stay one forever. Certain rumours are being churned and at times my name gets spoiled. But I always tell myself that my work will speak for me. That’s what I am doing – working hard.”

She also added that she isn’t a party person. She said, “Yaa I don’t party a lot but that’s how I am. I am not able to party much and I don’t get time to meet people. Getting to know about their personal life and people also don’t get to know the real me. They might find me selfish at times, but they are not wrong if they find me selfish because they are judging me just because I am not available. I am just enjoying my work, my work is my party or being with my family is my party. People have made lots of friends and I have made just my work and my family. That’s Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya for you. I want to keep working hard, I need breaks too. Anniversary aa rahi hai… Vivek and I am trying to go on a holiday let’s see.”

The actress who last hosted The Voice India, finally said that she is a family person. “Last night I had an amazing dinner with my husband which is very essential for my mental well-being. I need that time with my husband after working the entire day. I want my people around as they relax me,” she concluded.

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