TOWNE Shines Under The Bright Lights Of The Vegas Strip In Music Video For New Song ‘Vegas’

Nashville duo TOWNE take you through the chaos of the Las Vegas Strip in their new music video for the acoustic version of their song ‘Vegas!’ See it here first on

Riding bikes down the Vegas strip? Looking over into the Mandalay Bay fountain? TOWNE’s Steevie Steeves and Jon Decious, along with their guitarist Luke Marshall, explore Las Vegas and take you along for the ride in the music video for their song “Vegas.” Under the flashing casino lights, Steevie and Jon show off their delicious harmonies, while singing about all the possibilities Vegas offers. “Let’s take it to Vegas,” Steevie croons. “Before this town breaks us, let’s show off our shameless.” In addition to this music video for their original songs, the duo also cover several classics and share the videos on their YouTube page!

The up and coming duo actually formed TOWNE when they were a couple, and after breaking up romantically, they dedicated themselves to the music. “I was into our music, and so it was hard for me to juggle the two,” Steevie admitted about their romantic relationship in an exclusive interview with “I think there’s certain things that take precedence over certain decisions. I decided it’s gotta be music, it’s gotta be music. Music, music, music. I just wanna be his best friend.” “I’m a really great guy,” Jon joked.

TOWNE often gets compared to Fleetwood Mac, and it’s not only because of Steevie’s name and her fringey blonde locks that are reminiscent of Stevie Nicks. “When Steevie and I first met, she came over and went through this big stack of vinyls I had, and she was not really digging these records that I was just so in love with, until she got to Rumors [by Fleetwood Mac] and she was like, ‘Oh my God, this is my favorite record,’” Jon explained. ‘And that’s what it always kinda comes down to. That was the first musical thing I think we really connected on.” The pair actually worked with producer Greg Droman, who helped produced Fleetwood’s Tango In The Night, and he was blown away by the eery similarities between the Grammy Award-winning group and TOWNE. “In the studio, Greg would be like, “I just can’t get over it. It’s like I went back to 1982 and I’m watching you and Jon just like Stevie and Lindsay [Buckingham].’ He was like, ‘I just really can’t.’ HollywoodLifers, make sure you watch TOWNE’s music video for “Vegas” and follow them on social media for new music updates!

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