‘The Act’ actress Joey King says it was empowering to shave her head

Joey King, who has shaved her head for three acting roles, says every woman should do it once if they get the chance.

“I think it really made me a stronger woman actually,” King told Page Six at the premiere of “The Act” on Thursday. “I think every girl should shave their head if they get the chance to. It’s really empowering. It may not be a popular opinion, but I feel like it made me embrace my womanhood a lot more.”

The 19-year-old actress most recently shaved her head to play the real-life Gypsy Rose Blanchard in the Hulu series. Blanchard was sentenced to 10 years in prison after she orchestrated the murder of her mother Dee Dee Blanchard following years of psychological abuse stemming from Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Her mother made her believe she suffered from leukemia, asthma, muscular dystrophy and many other chronic illnesses.

“I definitely sympathize with Gypsy,” King said. “I mean, she was a victim for so long, she became a little bit of a master manipulator for survival purposes.”

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