Kim Kardashian Vs. Amber Rose: Which Birthday Girl Is The Queen Of Instagram?

Oct. 21 not only marks Kim Kardashian’s birthday…but Amber Rose’s, as well! Both of these ladies love heating things up on Instagram — check out their hottest photos here and decide who does it best!

Aside from the fact that they’ve both been romantically involved with Kanye West, 41, Kim Kardashian, 38, and Amber Rose, 35, have something else in common: They have the same birthday, Oct. 21! Another similarity between them? They both LOVE posting sexy photos on Instagram! In honor of their big day, we’ve rounded up some of Kim and Amber’s hottest recent Instagram pics, and it’s safe to say they’re both pretty damn good at attracting attention on their pages.

Kanye and Amber dated for about two years from 2008-2010, and they did not have an amicable breakup. However, drama between them really heated up when Kanye got together with Kim in 2012. Amber publicly blasted the couple on social media and in interviews, an even said Kim was the reason for her split from the rapper! The feud majorly escalated in 2015, when Kanye said he had to take “30 showers” after being with Amber — and she, obviously did not take kindly to it. Naturally, she fired back by threatening to let the world know who ‘Ye “really is,” but said she was opting not to because they “once loved each other.”

By 2016, there was a whole new element of tension. This time, it stemmed from a feud between Kanye and Wiz Khalifa, Amber’s ex and the father of her son. Kanye slammed Wiz by saying that a “stripper trapped [him],” and Amber clapped back by really going for the jugular — and claiming on Twitter that Kanye liked to indulge in “butt stuff” when they were together. OMG! Throughout all of this, Kim, naturally, stood by Kanye.

Days later, the longtime beef was finally squashed, though: Amber and Kim finally got together, along with Kanye, to put the past in the past. Kim and Amber even posted a selfie on social media — as they do — to prove they were cool with each other. More than two years later, they’re far from the best of friends, but the level of drama is certainly nowhere near where it used to be!

Click through the gallery above to check out Kim and Amber’s hottest Instagram photos and decide who rules social media with their sexy shots!

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