Kim Kardashian, Colton Hayes, & More Celebs Looking Wild in Painful Sunburn Selfies

Someone get these stars some aloe! We’re taking a look at the most intense celebrity sunburns to date.

It’s all fun in the sun until someone gets burnt – sunburnt that is. It seems that stars such as Colton Haynes, 30, Kim Kardashian, 37, and Kelly Osbourne, 33, might have missed the memo on the importance of sunscreen. These celebs surely have the means to vacation essentially anytime they want, but their time soaking up the rays was probably cut short after these painful burns set in! Their skin was clearly left smoldering in the the sun far too long, and these guys really had to pay the price. We can only imagine the reprimanding talk their dermatologist gave to them after seeing these photos!

Colton might take the cake here for most painful looking sunburn. He is REALLY looking like a lobster! Colton – it’s called SPF! While the Teen Wolf actor may have had some post-sun regrets, we bet he had quite the killer tan afterward! I mean, just look at his July 30 Instagram post. Colton’s skin goes beyond pink or red here…he’s full on fuschia! At least he could poke some fun at his self-induced pain. “Omg don’t you guys just love Winter?” he jokingly captioned the post.

Kim K is another star who hit the beach and was left with a CRAZY sunburn. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star once fell asleep while sunbathing in Mexico and was left with the sunburn of all sunburns! How did those tan lines even form? “I fell asleep with my huge Prada butterfly sunglasses on and now look at me!” Kim said on her blog at the time, letting her shades take the blame. We can only image how much makeup Kim had to cake on in the weeks following before stepping foot in front of cameras! Fellow reality TV star Kelly Osbourne also was not so lucky after stepping out in the sun on one occasion. In a photo shared via her social media, Kelly showed fans a sizzling red burn on her back. By the looks of it, Kelly was actually wearing a tank top that day, but her top simply didn’t cover enough skin to prevent a burn from forming all across the back of her neck. Kelly’s burn looks beyond painful!

Hopefully, these stars learned their lesson. Besides the fact that these burns are unsightly, they could potentially be a precursor to skin cancer. C’mon guys! Slather on that SPF.

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