Jodha Akbar 12 February 2019 written update of full episode: Jodha begum and Jalal to celebrate their wedding anniversary

Today’s episode starts with Jodha begum happy to know that Jalal did worship the Tulsi tree in her absence. Jalal asks a servant to bring Jodha begum’s portrait in her room again. He feels that he will not be able to leave without her henceforth. Jodha begum wonders about Jalal’s behaviour which makes her happy.

On the other side Ruquiya begum is having Hokka. Hoshiar comes there. He enquires about her health. Ruquiya says that she is fine. Hoshiar appreciates about the portrait of her and Jalal in her room. He taunts that Jalal will be with her in the form of that portrait as he doesn’t come to her much. Ruquiya begum gets angry on him. Ruquiya begum still feels that Jodha begum cannot defeat her as Jalal is hers only.

Jodha begum goes to Jalal’s room to give him the offertory. Jalal feels that it is the servant who brought her portrait. But he is happy that it is Jodha begum. He adores her. Jodha begum blushes. He gets lost in her eyes. Later Jodha begum gives him the offertory. He feeds the offertory to her too. By that time the servant brings the portrait in his room. Jodha begum wonders why he brought her portrait in his room again. Jalal apologizes to her saying that the portrait has been his support when she was not there so it is important for him. Ruquiya begum comes there. She gets angry to see them together again. She enters in. Jalal enquires about her health. Ruquiya begum also brings the portrait of her and Jalal together. While Jodha begum tries to leave from there, Jalal asks her to see the gift Ruquiya begum has brought for him. He uncovers the portrait. He compliments the portrait. Ruquiya begum expresses her wish to keep the portrait in his room. Ruquiya begum taunts Jodha begum with that. Jalal asks her to keep the portrait in his room. He also shows her the portrait which he already has. He asks Jodha begum about where she would love to keep the portrait. Ruquiya begum is shocked to know that. Jodha begum asks him to keep her portrait anywhere as she would feel loved with that. So Jalal asks a servant to keep Jodha begum’s portrait at a place. Ruquiya is upset as he got Jodha begum’s portrait done but not hers. Jalal says that everyone has a special place in our life. Jodha begum leaves from there later on. Ruquiya begum says that she is happy as he considers her as his special begum. Jalal avoids her by asking her to leave as he wants to have some rest. So Ruquiya begum leaves from there. He sees both the portrait. He is happy that Jodha begum is very close to him but she never does show off but Ruquiya begum does.

In the next scene, Jodha begum is feeding the food grains. Moti bai comes there. She teases Jodha begum on Jalal. Javeda comes there. She is happy to see Jodha begum back. She confirms whether Jodha begum is angry on her. Jodha begum says that she is not angry. Javeda also confirms whether Jodha begum is not angry with Maham. Jodha begum wonders about what Javeda says to her. Moti bai is tensed. She shares whatever happened between Maham and Jalal. Jodha begum is shocked to know all that. Moti bai also shares that Maham has no rights now because of the things she did with Jalal. Jodha begum goes to Saleema begum. She asks Saleema begum about the issue between Maham and Jalal. Jodha begum asks for the reason behind Maham did all that. Saleema begum shares that Maham was jealous of Jodha begum as Jalal was getting more close to Jodha begum and not her. Jodha begum wonders why Jalal didn’t tell her anything about the issue. She feels sad about whatever happened. Saleema begum asks Jodha begum not to discuss about Maham with Jalal. Rahim comes there. He meets his mother and asks her not to leave him as he gets scared if she is not around. Jodha begum feels that a kid has the most hardest punishment when he have to stay away from his mother. Jodha begum leaves from there.

She sees Maham. She questions Maham about whatever she did against Jalal. Maham becomes very rude to Jodha begum. She says that she will not accept Jodha begum ever. She is angry as Jodha begum is Hindu by religion so she cannot see Jalal with a Hindu Rajvanshi. She arrogantly shares all that she did but she doesn’t feel guilty about what she did. Maham blames Jodha begum for taking Jalal away from her. She says that she is ready for anything as she doesn’t have anything to lose. Jodha begum says that Jalal did it right to take to take the right of Maham of being his mother. Maham warns Jodha begum not to spare her for taking Jalal from her. While leaving from there, Maham recollects what Jalal said to her in anger.

In Deewan-A-Khaas, Ataga reads out the messages for Jalal from rest of the emperors congratulating him for removing the taxes. Sujamal also has sent a message for Jalal. Jalal is happy to know that. He asks Ataga to read it.

On the other side, Jodha begum looks for a diamond in her bangle. Motibai helps her to search for the same. Jodha asks her to call the jeweller to her place to fix the diamond as she cannot take out the bangle which is gifted by Jalal. Motibai again pulls Jodha begum’s leg. She reminds Jodha begum that it has been a year to their marriage. Jodha begum remembers the moment when Jalal gifted her the bangle.

Jalal asks Ataga to send a thank you message to Sujamal. Kunwar Pratap from Mewad also sends a message to Jalal on removing the taxes. Jalal asks Ataga to read the letter loudly. Jalal smiles on that. Ataga also shares that it has been a year for his alliance with Rajvanshi Bharmal. He learns that it has been a year to his wedding with Jodha begum. On the other side, Jodha begum is very happy to know that it is their anniversary. Both of them rush to meet each other. Jodha begum goes to tie the holy thread in the Masjid. She sees Jalal on the other side as he also ties a Holy thread there. Both of them pray to God. Jodha begum asks Jalal about his wish. Jalal pulls her leg. Jodha begum gets angry on him. He holds her hand and takes her outside.

On the other side, Maham comes to the secret place. She decides not to spare the person she has kidnapped. She starts beating the person with the whip in anger. She realises that she burst her anger on that person. She asks the person to reveal the truth to her. But the person says nothing. So she leaves from there asking her guards to get the person treated by a Haqim.

In the next scene, Agra starts preparing for the anniversary of Jalal and Jodha begum’s wedding. Mallika-A-Azam also keeps her eyes on the same. Rahim comes to Jalal and Jodha begum to show his toy dolls. By that time Shahnaz comes there asking Rahim to give the toys to her but Rahim runs from there. Jalal again flirts with Jodha begum. He teases her. So Jodha begum gets angry. She leaves from there. As Shahnaz follows Rahim to his toys; she and Rahim have a little fight. Rahim falls down but he holds the wall. Jodha begum sees that. She shouts out loudly. Jalal comes there. He jumps down to save Rahim. He holds Rahim properly. All get relaxed to see that Rahim is fine. Shahnaz keeps on laughing. Jalal gets angry on Shahnaz.

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