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Robert Downey Jr has proved that he is the sassiest star of Hollywood, with class and panache written all over. He battled substance abuse to emerge as the much-loved Iron Man and all along this miraculous transformation, Robert Downey Jr’s wit and feisty spirit remained unbroken. As he turns 54 today, we take a look at his quick-witted quotes, which are inspiring and satirical in equal measure. Celebrating his spontaneous humour and charming ways, here’s RD Jr for you!

Robert Downey Jr has staged some of the most memorable characters in his polarised career. Beyond the fandom for Tony Stark aka Iron Man lies the incredible act of Sherlock and the legendary Charlie Chaplin.

Robert Downey Jr was twice nominated by the prestigious Academy Awards, but he is yet to pocket the honour. The actor was voted for his performance of legendary comic actor Charlie Chaplin in Chaplin (1992) and also for his supporting act in Tropic Thunder (2008).

Iron Man earned massive fame for the actor, catapulting his career to massive heights, a popularity which refuses to die down.

Before living life king size, Robert Downey Jr went through a scathing childhood and drug indulgence. However he steadily ascended the ladder of success as a respected actor and a well-defined career. Robert Downey Jr rose like a phoenix from his multiple brushes with law and visits to rehabilitation centres.

Robert Downey Jr will soon rise as Iron Man for Avengers: Endgame, which will hit the screens on April 26.

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