Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 12 February 2019 written update of full episode: Guddan makes Rawat’s plan fail

Today’s episode starts with Rawat playing the actual cassette on the player. Guddan is shocked as the cassette has Antara’s voice. Rawat gets very emotional to hear the voice of his sister but the player stops suddenly. Rawat says to Guddan that his sister tried to tell him about the truth of Akshat but before that he killed her. He gets very angry. Guddan gets very scared with all that. Rawat challenges her and says that he will not spare Akshat for his sister’s murder. But Guddan says nothing on that. Later Guddan makes him realise that Antara didn’t say anything against Akshat and it might be something positive about Akshat. But Rawat feels that Antara must be having something shocking about Akshat. Guddan tells him that Akshat has kept all the things of Antara for her memories as they are precious for him. So she says that the cassette doesn’t prove anything against Akshat. She asks him to leave the case or stay away from Akshat till he gets a solid proof. Rawat is very much emotional. He still believes that Akshat did injustice with Antara. So he decides to punish Akshat at any cost.

In the next scene, someone with a mask and hand gloves comes in a room where drinks have been kept. The person adds something in them. Later Akshat comes there. He sees Rawat in his room. He questions Rawat about it. Rawat asks Akshat to rejoice the old memories with him by having drinks and playing chess. Akshat wonders as Rawat never used to have drinks earlier. Rawat says that he is doing all that as Antara used to like that. Akshat agrees to have drinks with him and play chess. Akshat agrees to have drinks for Antara.

Guddan sees Saru asking a servant about him taking ice in a tray. The servant says that Akshat and Rawat are having drinks. Saru wonders about it. Guddan also doubts on Rawat as he never used to have drinks earlier. She goes to see them. While going there, she hits Parv. She sees Revati’s photo in his wallet. She scolds him for the same. She takes out the photo from his wallet. She says that she will do anything to keep him away from Revati as she hates Parv. She warns him to stay away from Revati. But she is not aware that he is married to Revati. Parv is on a call with Revati. He makes her realise that Guddan is not allowing them to unite as she hates him. He asks Revati to take decision for her life. Parv is happy as there will be fights between Guddan and Revati with this.

As Rawat makes drink for Akshat, Akshat gets a call. Guddan also heads over to Akshat’s room. While on the call, Akshat drinks some water. But Akshat feels little dizzy. Guddan sees that. She scolds Rawat for making Akshat drink. Akshat questions her for behaving rudely with Rawat. Guddan decides to stop Akshat from having the drink made by Rawat. She purposely slips down from the carpet to destroy the glass of drink in Akshat’s hand. Akshat holds her. Guddan is happy as she could save Akshat from having the drink. Akshat gets upset with her. Guddan apologizes for the same. She makes Akshat understand that drinks are harmful for the health. She asks him to have soft drink. Rawat leaves from there. Akshat scolds her a lot for her behaviour. Guddan drinks the cold drink but it is actually a hard drink. She feels overloaded with the cold drink. She asks him not to get angry with her as she stopped him from having drinks. Later Akshat makes her realise that she has drunk Vikram’s drink. By that time Dadi comes there. She asks Guddan to come and help her in making sweets. But Guddan doesn’t remember that. Akshat is tensed as Guddan is drunk.

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