From the name of Tony Stark-Pepper Potts’ babies to their Indian wedding, Robert Downey Jr had a lot to reveal as he interacted with the Indian fans |

Last night was kind of amazing for the loyal Marvel fans as they got a chance to interact with Robert Downey Jr, the actor who kickstarted the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s journey by playing Iron Man. With the first movie itself, Iron Man became a fan favorite and since then there is no stopping for the character and the actor. For what is believed to be his last presence in the MCU, Avengers: Endgame, Robert Downey Jr aka Tony Stark interacted with the Indian audience over a video call and the fans got a chance to ask him questions. During the interaction, Robert revealed several facts and details that would be quite enticing for a Marvel fan.So let’s check out six startling revelations made by Robert during the conference.Favorite Iron Man costume!When Robert was asked, ‘Which is your favorite Iron Man Costume?’ he quickly replied, “The one you haven’t seen yet. You know I love and I’m particular to Mark 1 and Mark 42.”

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