Drake Gets Cozy With Stefflon Don On ‘Date’ In Miami After Flirting With The Rapper On IG Live

Drake has found himself a new lady! After wild flirting session on Instagram with rapper Stefflon Don, he took her out to a cozy dinner in Miami. We’ve got the pics.

Drake has made his fantasies about dating British rapper Stefflon Don into a reality. Earlier this month he took to Instagram live to massively flirt with her, even giving the 26-year-old reasons why he’d be her perfect man. Then he asked her out on a date and being a man of his word he has taken her out on a romantic dinner date. Photos have surfaced of Drizzy getting in his feelings alongside the emcee, whose real name is Stephanie Victoria Allen. The couple had  a cozy dinner together in Miami and in the photos, Drake is smiling from ear to ear.

Unsigned Soundcloud rapper Reeceyboi somehow got ahold of the photos and they appeared exclusively on the website The Shade Borough on Nov. 26. The pair are seen in the middle of a restaurant with neighboring diners looking at them. But Drizzy and Stefflon only have eyes for each other as he looks at the British emcee, appearing fascinated by what she has to say. He poured it on thick during an IG  exchange between the two on Nov. 2. He called in during one of her live sessions and tried to sell Stefflon as to why he should be her guy.

Stefflon asked if he was dating anyone because she didn’t want to be with a guy who was in a relationship. “I’m single, ready to mingle,” said the 32-year-old  answered and then laid it on THICK. When asked why he should be Steff’s new man, he answered, “I’m a confident guy, I hold my own in any room, I’ve known you for a while, we buss ’nuff jokes together.”

Drizzy then continued to detail what he has to offer Steff. “We can cook up tune together in stu(dio). I can organize all your heels and your fits and your wigs for you,” he said. “I’ll make sure they’re all color coded.” Steff asked her fans if he was the one as he had blown away the rest of the call-in competition for her love. “Is he a keeper? Cause right now I’m blushing…I think I’m in love right now,” she responded, especially wowed by his wig organizing skills.

Check out their massive IG flirt session that preceded their date:

Steff contributed vocals to Drake’s song “Peak” off of his latest album Scorpion. But it sounds like they never took things beyond the studio. She told him she doesn’t like anything fancy, but the Toronto native vowed to “take you somewhere nice.” He then smooth talked her by telling Steff, “I could take you somewhere classy and sexy cause you’re classy and sexy and it would match your energy.” The British beauty was all in, telling fans “We’re going to hook up a date and the people are going to hear about it.” It’s unclear when the photos together were taken, but Drake was just in Miami to perform two shows on Nov. 13 and 14.

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