Chris Hemsworth & Kumail Nanjiani Play Round of ‘True Confessions’ on ‘Fallon’ – Watch Now!

Chris Hemsworth and Kumail Nanjiani are getting to know each other with the help of Jimmy Fallon!

The Men In Black: International co-stars stopped by The Tonight Show for an interview on Wednesday (June 12) where they played a round of “True Confessions.”

For the game, the guys each had two envelopes – one that held a truth, while the other held a lie – and after they opened it up, they share what’s on the card and then the other two guys have 45 seconds to ask questions about the confession before guessing if it’s true or made up.

The best of round of the game came when Kumail opened up his envelope, which read, “I once tried to murder someone in Singapore” – leaving Jimmy and Chris totally flabbergasted.

Find out Kumail Nanjiani‘s confession is real!

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