Blac Chyna Slams Rob Kardashian & Tyga For Not Paying Child Support: Listen To Wild Rant

Blac Chyna’s spilling the tea about her child support agreements with exes Tyga and Rob Kardashian! Listen to her go off on Instagram live about how Dream and King Cairo’s dads allegedly aren’t paying up.

Word to Rob Kardashian and Tyga: don’t mess with Blac Chyna. The mother of two — Dream Kardashian, 2, and King Cairo Stevenson, 6 — has publicly shamed her exes about their child support agreements, and she’s still going. In a now-deleted Instagram live session, Chyna went off about how while Tyga and Rob are asking for more money, she is the one being treated like a bad guy. Rob alleged in November 2018 that him paying $20,000 a month to Chyna was too much, and he wanted the amount lowered. Tyga asked the same.

“Ya know what’s so wild to me is that I never asked Tyga for child support, Rob for child support or whatever and then we just went to court, or whatnot, and I tried to squash it, which I did. But none of that comes out. It’s only negative sh*t with Chyna, Angela White,” she said. Angela White is Chyna’s real name.

“We went to court mediation and sh*t and I squashed it ‘cause I never wanted no money from Rob, ‘cause it was never about that, period,” she continued. “I have kids by two guys that f**king tricked me, whatever, and they don’t give me sh*t, no child support and I’m sick of that sh*t. Rob didn’t help me, Tyga ain’t help me, [Tokyo] Toni ain’t help me, but like try to like, smack me down, period, and I’m just letting y’all know this, all this sh*t, I built BY MYSELF.” While Chyna deleted her Instagram live, Gossip In The City captured the entire thing — listen below!

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Toni is mentioned in the rant because she said that Chyna should lose custody of Dream to Rob! Chyna’s mother told TMZ that, after her daughter’s incident with (ex?) boyfriend Kid Buu, she believes Dream would be safer with Rob. Obviously, that’s not sitting well with Chyna.

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